Guys let's do some ops today 8pm GMT.
Running a KP HM run tomorrow guys! Join us if you can make it since am gonna try pushing for a full guild run!
*cap A
WAY too close to call. took me taking my bomber off B to cap C right at the end: [link]
Conquest calendar: [link]
Atm I can't really play anything Szala, so I'm sorry.
Also I'm getting for doing an Ops tonight if we can get the people.
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Raid Progression (5.0)
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Ops time forum post

Dahlias a posted Mar 6, 17

Hi guys

Can you please check this out so we can get an idea of availability for everyone.

OPS team availability forum

Carrie Fisher Memorial

Dahlias a posted Jan 15, 17

Picture from the Carrie Fisher memorial. A few others joined from the guild too

Carrie Fisher memorial

Dahlias a There is also a gallery of all the pictures I took there. go to the gallery section to take a look!

Happy new year guys!

albeva posted Jan 1, 17

Well another year has come and gone ... What a year that was! Sadly we had quite a few departures from guild, GM changing not once, but twice, another game update with lacklustre group content ...

On the bright side we are still around and kicking, we have some old and some new active members - so thanks everyone for being part of our guild and making it what it is today :)

Wish you all a happy new year!


Szalakir posted Jun 13, 16

Congrats guys for beating Darkstorm to the finish line! Very good job overall and remember to wear your new title with pride! :)

Icebane Congrats people!
albeva Congratz guys!
Szalakir Yes, I failed to do enough CQ on this toon and am scrub and should git gud. Deal with it!

4.5 Patch Notes

Szalakir posted May 16, 16

Looks like there's gonna be some shakeups with class "balancing" for Sorcerers, Assassins and Powertechs. If you use any of these classes PLEASE READ:


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